Chairman Speak

Chairman : Md Zine

Education involves not only the reading and training of a child, but also the strengthening of the powers of the body and mind with which the child is born. This is an integral part of development of the qualities lying dormant in children:

It is the motto of “Z MOUNT SCHOOL” to impart quality education for the students to learn the values of integrity and honesty, to think rationally and to judge logically. We belive that pursuit of knowledge is not only the aim of education, Stuffing the child with facts related to Science Literature, History and Geography is useless unless we can teach the child how to use this knowledge. Thus acquisition of knowledges from books is not enough. One must be taught how to modify and use this knowledge to suit one’s need. Knowledge must be acquired with the mission of using it not only for one’s own benefit but also for the uplift of the society and prosperity of the country. Though success in life is the ultimate goal of education, yet success is not to be achieved at the cost of the basic values. The person who can rightly understand what is to be attained and what is to be abandoned is fit to be defined as a man of character.

Thus, the aim of “Z MOUNT SCHOOL” is building up the character and personality of the students, for we belive that the essence of education lies in the development of a well rounded personality that combines the virtues of strengh and humility.

“Your beliefs become your thought, your thought become your word, your word become your action. Your action become your habits, your habits becomes your values, your values become your destiny” (Mahatma Gandhi)”


“Z MOUNT SCHOOL” an English Medium Co-education situated at Jagatpur, Barahpura (Near Rail Bridge). Bhagalpur (Bihar). The School opens its door for the students from Pre-Nursery to Class VIII and thereafter will add one or more higher classes..

Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002