Play Ground

Playground at Z Mount School:

The playground at  Z Mount School is a vibrant hub of activity where students engage in physical exercise, sports, and recreational activities, fostering holistic development and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Spanning a spacious area, our playground is thoughtfully designed to accommodate a variety of sports and games, catering to the diverse interests and abilities of our students.

Key features of our playground include:

Multi-Sport Facilities: Our playground is equipped with multi-sport facilities that allow students to participate in a wide range of sports and activities, including football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, and athletics. The well-maintained courts and fields provide students with ample space to practice and play their favorite sports, promoting physical fitness and skill development.

Outdoor Gymnasium: In addition to traditional sports facilities, our playground features an outdoor gymnasium equipped with a variety of exercise equipment and fitness stations. Students can engage in strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility workouts, enhancing their physical health and well-being.

Recreational Areas: Our playground includes designated areas for recreational activities such as swings, slides, and jungle gyms, where students can unwind, socialize, and have fun during breaks and leisure time. These recreational areas provide opportunities for students to relax and recharge, promoting mental and emotional well-being.

Safety Measures: The safety of our students is paramount, and our playground is designed with safety in mind. We have installed safety features such as soft flooring, perimeter fencing, and supervision by trained staff to ensure a safe and secure environment for students to enjoy.

Inclusive Design: Our playground is designed to be inclusive and accessible to students of all abilities. We have incorporated features such as ramps, accessible pathways, and adaptive equipment to accommodate students with diverse needs, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the benefits of outdoor play.

Environmental Sustainability:  Z Mount School, we are committed to environmental sustainability, and our playground reflects this ethos. We have implemented eco-friendly practices such as rainwater harvesting, native landscaping, and waste recycling initiatives to minimize our environmental footprint and create a greener and healthier outdoor environment for our students.

Overall, the playground at  Z Mount School is a dynamic and inclusive space that promotes physical activity, social interaction, and overall well-being. It serves as a vital component of our school community, encouraging students to lead active and healthy lifestyles while fostering friendships and lifelong memories.”


“Z MOUNT SCHOOL” an English Medium Co-education situated at Jagatpur, Barahpura (Near Rail Bridge). Bhagalpur (Bihar). The School opens its door for the students from Pre-Nursery to Class VIII and thereafter will add one or more higher classes..

Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002